About different magnetic applications

-Permanent Magnets

Rare earth magnets are the strongest.  Different sizes, shapes, polarities and coatings. We also offer a broard range of Ceramic Magnets. Applications galore.

-Flexible Magnets

Custom sizes and shapes, Imprinted, rolls or precut sizes, scored, colors, adhesives, magnetic cardholders.

Great for warehouse shelving, and whiteboards.

-Magnetic White/Scheduling Boards - Plan, Schedule & Control

Visual Communications - convey information quickly. Updating is fast. White boards and more... Full color graphics and layouts, all sizes, frames, kits and design help.

-Educational Magnets

 Bars, horseshoes, discs, colors, marbles, filings, kits...to name a few.

Education that truly sticks!

-Magnetic Tools

Make your work environment more efficient. Magnetic tools and assemblies. Pick up, clean up, or hold in place  .....magnets will make your workplace safer and save time and money.

-Miscellanous Applications

Hold on name badges, hold up papers, or give away magnetic business cards.  The list goes on and on.....